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“I'm ECSTATIC! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished product. THANK YOU is not sufficient, but THANK YOU for such an AMAZING finished product!” – Kelly, Just 4 Me Books

“People come in and say they saw us on TV!” – Tom, Best Auto Service Center

“This is better than other forms of advertising. I watch your TV shows too!” – Sam, Adams Jewelry

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How to Advertise Your Business with Video

Video is the one form of promotional advertising that combines motion with sound. Whether you use it on TV, smart phones, tablets or computers, it is the most powerful form of marketing.

Study after study shows when you want to get your message out, video is the way to do it.

Here are the top reasons you should include video into your advertising mix.

1) Video allows you to show the viewer exactly how your product or service works.

2) You become the “expert” in your field and viewers feel a connection with your business.

3) Everyone likes to be entertained and video allows you to creatively make your message heard.

4) Your video can be used in a variety of ways from TV to the internet, making it versatile.

5) The cost to use special effects and visually appealing text on the screen has come way down.

Here are the top reasons why advertising on TV should be part of your budget.

1) Television is the BIG screen in the house commanding attention and has the biggest impact on your customers.

2) If your product is visually appealing TV advertising may showcase that product better than other media, such as radio.

3) TV advertising is affordable and can provide a larger reach than print, radio & billboards.

4) Production costs are scalable depending on how complicated your video may be, but if you are purchasing enough airtime, your production may be FREE!

5) Television actually gives prestige to small and medium sized businesses, in fact many consumers view television advertisers as being better than other forms of advertising.

Finally, why should you consider advertising on local cable television programs?

1) Cable TV targets a smaller region versus broadcast TV which reaches many areas that are too far for customers to drive or consider using your service.

2) For this reason, you are not paying for “more than you need”. With cable, your “neighborhood” is covered and your TV advertising costs are very reasonable.

3) Cable TV programs are on several times a week, at different times, reaching different audiences. For example, advertising on our Pocono Mountains TODAY TV Show delivers 20 airings in one month for one low cost.

4) You have CHOICES! Many of our TV shows can accommodate a 3 minute “Video Spotlight” – giving you MORE time to sell your product or service versus a :30 second ad.

5) You can actually have a 30 MINUTE TV SHOW produced all about your business and aired on local cable at a very reasonable rate.

George Roberts Productions specializes in long form programming – whether it’s a 3 minute commercial or a 30 minute infomercial. When you compare our prices to equal coverage on radio, in print or on a billboard, you’ll see it’s quite affordable.

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